Opel Astra one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine – review of the owner.

Flaming hello to all car owners and of course “fans” of Drom). Review which you are reading, about not absolutely popular or to be more precise absolutely not popular car brand Opel. I’m not going to retell the fairy tales about Opel, and everyone knows them anyway.). Well, let’s begin… December two thousand nine years, I’m like six months a fresh inhabitant of the “democratic” country of Germany just confirmed my driving license for 500 euros (my driving experience otherwise fifteen years). Facing the choice of buying my first car in Germany. Aspects of the choice of gasoline: 1st reason – thought that the annual mileage will be small (trusting), 2-nd – diesel cars are usually more expensive by 25-30. Universal: 1st – family, 2nd – emotional, after Forik I like only station wagons) Manuals: 1st – fuel consumption is less, 2nd – higher return on the least amount of horses, third – cheaper car, 4th – much more choice than the automatic. Car class: because the car for the family is not below Golf Class, more cars more fuel consumption, and it is 1.6 euros per liter, in short it bites). By the way, the revelation, at that time for me, in Germany, almost directly inverse dependence of the price of a car on its size, unlike in Russia. For example, an Opel Corsa can cost the same or more than an Opel Vectra for the same production year and mileage. Mileage: up to 100 tons.km Age: up to 10 years old, absolutely the beginning of the model range. Budget: 3-4 t.Euro Mark: that’s a loose fit))). Т.к. Earlier I used to operate the Japanese car industry, of which I especially like Subaru. In Germany, Toyota and Subaru are more expensive than their European peers and classmates. Subaru, by the way, is actually in the same price range as the BMW. It turned out that my aspects did not fit BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Subaru. I had to change plans on the fly). Subsequent options Ford (bae, I do not trust the Yankees), VW (for like the same more expensive.. her), Reno (x..з..), Peugeot (the French seem to be famous for perfume, and this car … it is unclear…), the Koreans (which is not the same as the Chinese ?). A digression, while I lived in Germany for six months I drove as a passenger in a Golf Plus, Golf 6, Touran, drove an Audi three (one year old), a Renault Megane (new). As a result, I do not know what the principle difference between European cars from Japanese manufacturers, of course we are not talking about the premium class). As a result, if not a Subaric, then we choose with the help of reason). And the mind gave a hint that among the basically similar cars in the Opel lower cost (the French and Koreans are cheaper, but they do not count). Thus, the search was narrowed to Opel Astra wagon body G, model range 1998-2004 year. After reading the forums learned that the engine 1.6 itself is good for itself, but there are often problems with oil consumption, praised the 1.8 and therefore began to find it. Prices ranged from three to five tons.euro. I liked the option of Sport, but the owner asked 3800, and the year was 99., Which was expensive(. But as an option left and watched him on a daily basis. After three weeks the cost had dropped to 3200, it was time to call). After long negotiations the cost came down to 3000, it was decided to go and take it if everything was okay. The inputs were as follows: Opel Astra Universal 1999 year, mileage 140,000 km, color silver, configuration Sport (in addition, front sport seats with adjustable cushion length, traction control system, sport transmission (reinforced and other ratios), climate control, on-board computer, steering wheel, leather steering wheel, 16-toe casting), two owners (respectively merchant and is the 2nd), filled service book from and to, at 120000km was a huge TO, which included the timing belt, rollers, belts suspension, filters, oils, candles, disc brakes and pads. No accident, and that’s another +). On arrival, how not mind-boggling), all the previously said proved true, not counting in the suspension owner gave a set of winter tires on punched tires. There was a little thing I didn’t pay much attention to, a rust spot on the rear fender about a centimeter by two, the spot was neatly tinted. As a former user of Japs, on which chips to the metal could not rust for years, this aspect did not seem to me a jam. But in any case, another 100 euros off the owner). Yes, the way you buy a car in Germany (usually), at first you look at the car and if everything suits you, you take it for a test drive. Surely this Opel has never had so much drive in its entire life). In short, in rally car mode, we drove it for half an hour no less), which, by the way, he withstood with dignity. After that the doubts fell away completely and I took the car.

Operation. This is a sour move, t.к. I didn’t have to do anything to the car, except fill it up with gas, change the oil and filters. Total fuel consumption in summer is 7.3 liters per hundredweight, in winter 7.8. Suburban 6.3, this is for example autobahn with speeds from ninety to 140, on average for sure 120. No lie, there were small aspects with the car, I changed the thermostat (probably shouldn’t have), and the corrugation on the exhaust pipe. The master who welded the corrugator took off too much of the pipe and when welding the corrugator is very stretched the pipe (which at certain speeds appeared appropriate murmur. Later, of course, everything was corrected, but I mean that craftsmen with their hands out of their ass… it’s an international concept).

Travel. Summer 2010, had planned to go to Italy or Spain, but I’m fed up with this “foreignness”… I wanted to visit people who speak your native language, just like you, so we gave up on the warm sea and sharply changed course towards the opposite direction. Drang nach Ost ! It wasn’t a long way, 6,300 kilometers. From the southern part of Germany to Novosibirsk. Not counting my most mileage was 2200km Novosibirsk-Issyk-Kul, well, it was three years ago, at FORIK, and an obscure Opel. The concerns were related to the following points. First, in case of severe engine or gearbox failure or tragedy, it was unclear what to do with it in general, the price of a car 3000 euros to repair it could simply be half the price of the car or pay customs duties around 7000 euros, and that I absolutely do not smile. 2, ground clearance is not great, and after a full load so in general. Thirdly, the tire was a 50 profile, and this is on broken roads not very. On the first pt decided if anything to drop it for disassembly, and for customs to improvise on incidents). The option is naturally cloudy, but what can you do?). For the second and third read reviews, studied the route, made sure that people with similar cars rode and, in general, without much trouble. In short, the way to Nsk, went for 5 days in one hand, no breakdowns, only a wheel once punctured, where in the area of Chelyabinsk. I drove another couple of thousand across the Nyskaya Oblast and Altai Krai. It took five and a half days to get back. Got a lot of positive feelings from the road, from communicating with people and from our Siberian nature. I didn’t regret at all that I chose this destination for my vacation). Total trip duration 20 seven days, total mileage 14500 km, fuel consumption Germany-Nsk 6.3 liters per 100 kilometers., back 6.6 liters per 100 km. Either to Germany in the hill, or the car did not want to return to the homeland). Oil consumption level, t.е. about a liter for the entire run. The undercarriage endured the road completely without question, no knocks, leaks, creaks, in general amazed.

Selling: I sold a car in February two thousand twelve with mileage 180000km, the reason corrosion. At first I wrote that when I took it I saw a small spot of rust on the fender and did not pay much attention to it, as it turns out in vain. In the winter, two thousand twelve corrosion was on this fender measuring 10 cm by 5 cm, was on the edge of the fifth door, on the bottom of the left front fender, on the hood from the inside, on the radiator frame, in short almost everywhere, the exhaust system began to siphon. The reason as I now know, the car was from a mountainous area in Germany, which means all winter time in the salt solution. No one took to repair with a warranty, and without a warranty on sale was not budgetary. As for the technical condition, it was flawless and remained so at the time of sale. Selling long and hard. Gave to resellers for 1700 euros. The conclusion in Germany is that you have to be careful when choosing a car.к. The money you invested in the car will most likely be forgotten(

General about cars. European cars: The myth that cars from Europe suck in my mind is destroyed. Completely for themselves, reliable cars, absolutely no worse than the Jap. Mileage and condition. Selling a car with 180 tons of mileage.km. The condition of the interior and paintwork was much better than the cars that I took at the Novosibirsk flea market with mileage of 70.km. Hi Nsk interceptors), the usual business of taking cars with mileage over 200-300 tons.km to wind the speedometer and sell for conventional funds. All right, that’s in the past. Opel Astra G: Pros-good motors, boxes. Basically reliable electrics. Disadvantages – rusty, probably if only ride in the summer, then long life), no maneuverability to go more than 120km. In the turns roll from side to side, like a boat in a storm. By the way did, even when I lived in Nsk, test drive Astra H, the behavior was similar, I think it is the usual suspension options Opel. Well in general all, finishing this opus, if there are questions ask)