The new Mini Cooper 2021 is a nice subcompact car. It is available in three body styles: two- and four-door Mini Hardtop (closed box without B-pillars) and Mini Convertible (convertible). Mini compares favorably with competitors with powerful engines and dynamic control. The interior is beautiful and stylish, all technical features are easy to use. This Mini also has a high predicted reliability rating.

The Mini Cooper has its drawbacks, however. Many competitors have more standard features and better fuel economy. The trunk and rear seats of the Mini are small too.

car owners will buy this car again!

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New in 2021.

Mini Cooper in all body styles in 2021 has undergone several notable changes compared to the previous model:

new special editions of the Mini Convertible (Mini Sidewalk) and Mini Hardtop (John Cooper Works GP) have been added to the trim line; a manual transmission is available again in most 2021 Mini Hardtop and Mini Convertible models after a year hiatus.

Who should buy?

The Mini Cooper has its own iconic styling and a long list of customizable appearance options that will appeal to individualists. Buy the new Mini Cooper 2021 for those who are looking for a bright style, thoughtful interior and sporty character in cars.

New or used car?

Choose the new Mini Cooper 2021 if you prefer mechanics and want a special finish.

If you prefer a machine gun and do not chase special versions, you can save money and buy last year’s Mini.

Mini Cooper or Mini Clubman.

Mini Clubman forms the Mini Cooper company in the small car segment. Both are sporty by class standards, with agile handling and spirited powertrains. Both Mini have similar interior designs and comparable feature lists. The Clubman offers more rear seat and cargo space than the Mini Hardtop, but also costs more. The choice depends on your budget.